INVestigate Invertebrates

A companion iOS application to the new Investigate Invertebrates exhibit at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park (ranked in the top ten best zoos in Europe).

- Designed application concept, user interface, and user experience. Fully responsible for the implementation and programming of the final published app in Objective C.


Whilst exploring Paignton Zoo make sure to visit the INVestigate INVertebrates exhibit with this companion app and discover what invertebrates have done for us.

Find out about the different sub-species, their specialities and adaptations, which have inspired us humans to improve our own lives in design, science, and technology.

See how butterfly wings have inspired florescent e-ink displays; learn how ants lead each other to food, and how termite mounds have improved energy efficiency in large buildings.

If you are yet to, or already have visited, there is still plenty to learn, discover, and share through the app.


  • Encourage intrinsic learning through investigation and discovery in a modern digital way in conjunction with a physical experience.
  • Extended location learning & add reinforcement.
  • Target learning outcomes & incentives.
  • Evaluation of learning outcomes for groups.
  • Evaluation of exhibit effectiveness and zoo’s internal objectives/outcomes in terms of engagement and learning.