Trifecta Workout

Trifecta is a beautiful and simply designed personal trainer app for iPhone. It focuses on both planning and tracking the three core areas: push-ups, sit-ups, and squats allowing for steady progress towards a long term goal. Other applications allow you to focus on only one specific area meaning an entire “Fitness” folder on your homescreen. These are often cluttered with superfluous features and UI that distract from your own personal fitness goals. With Trifecta you can maintain clarity on all three areas in one complete app.

- Designed application concept, user interface, and user experience. Fully responsible for the implementation and programming of the final published app in Swift.


The best multi-workout personal trainer for iPhone. Follow the optimal regime of sets to reach your performance goals for push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. Track your progress and workouts through the extensive levels system to reach your ultimate goals, all in the most simply designed app of its kind. No gym equipment required. This three pronged approach works out each of your main body areas to give you the full Trifecta Workout.